Sunday, May 8, 2011

You're A Retro Runner If

You're a Retro Runner If: 1.You've been using the same training system for 25+ years, Because, it works for you. 2.You gave up on Runner's World in the early '80's but won't even consider lending out any of their '70's issues. 3. You remember way back when feeling a little sheepish the first few times you wore the Gore-Tex running suit that someone bought for you. 4. It's 30 years later and you're still going to the same coffee shop after those weekly 20 milers. 5.You make a point of buying your running shoes at a small independent store even though it's 25 miles away. 6. You can't understand why they still don't make Adidas Marathon Trainers. 7. Every now and then you reread Pre by Tom Jordan but always skip the last chapter. 8. For Men: you won't admit it to anyone but you hate it when a female runner beats you. 9. You feel a little irritated when people refer to you as a "jogger." 10. Your weekends are planned around your runs. 11. You've got at least 2 running posters from the '70's on your walls. 12.You continued to carbo-load before marathons well after everyone else stopped doing it. 13. You're traveling further and further to find interesting and challenging races. 14. You resist getting rid of certain old running shirts because they hold a memory and tell a story.

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