Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Know You're a Real Runner

The following question came up on a forum recently and it was an interesting one,the writer asked: "Just interested in people's views on this. At what point and at what level of ability for 5k, say, can you honestly and truthfully say that you're a runner, as opposed to a jogger or a fun runner?" It's not uncommon for people,especially younger ones, to equate performance with being a bonafide,or as I call it,a real runner. Those of us who live for the run know better,it's all about your passion and love for this sport,not the fact that you can run fast.What it all boils down to is that running is a priority in your life because it's something that's a part of who you are.The following response pretty much nails it in regards to when you know you're a runner. "You can say you are a runner when you live for the run--when running is THE thing in your life---it's about scheduling your days around your runs not your runs around what you think you should do first before you go out to run----it's NOT about whether you run this or that time for some distance, it's about a passion and a love for the sport that only serious injury or death will keep you from it."

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  1. I have run for 46 years now. I have always competed hard. By many people's standards I suppose now I am a jogger. It is usually fun so I run for fun. No matter how people see me or others, I believe we are all runners.