Friday, May 13, 2011

What Sacrifice?

"No ambitious person: no person who has set his sights on some goal above the average or the normal attainment: no dedicated person: no one willing to work, and anxious to achieve, ever considers the "way" he has determined upon: the path he is resolved to travel: the work and suffering he sees ahead of him,and which he encounters,ever thinks of all,or any of this as a--Sacrifice,"(quote by Percy Cerutty from Success in Sport and Life).
"The number of miles I have run since I was a toddler would have taken me around the world several times and still I cannot define precisely my joy in running. There is no sacrifice in it,"(quote by Ron Clarke, Australian distance runner, Olympic bronze medalist; during a 44 day period in 1965 he competed 18 times and broke 12 world records). I think one thing these two quotes have in common is that when you really love what you're doing then there is no feeling that you are sacrificing anything. Perhaps you have had people who know the amount of time you spend running say something like: "I admire the dedication and sacrifice you put into your running." Little do they realize that it is a labor of love.******* Posts were delayed for a few days due to the host "Blogger" having several technical problems.

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