Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frank Shorter: I Am a Runner

I think everyone who lives for the run can relate to what Frank says below,it's taken from his book Olympic Gold: A Runner's Life and Times. "I am an amateur athlete. I run and train and compete for the sheer joy of the sport. I set goals for myself and structure my life so I can achieve them. When I am running well,I feel whole and happy,and when I am not running well,I try to figure out why so that I can feel whole and happy again.Running is not my job. Running is not,for me,working,though surely it is, at times,hard work. Running, for me,is a form of self- expression.Though I don't necessarily intend it as such,it is a statement of who I am and a lot of what I hope to be,even if what I someday become takes me away from running. Running is the one absolute in my life,and I admit to its control over me--a control that may not always seem to be in my best interests, but then, who is to say? I think I've reached the point where I am,perhaps perversely so,in control of the controls. This thing is really not so complex though. Above all else I run for fun,for the expansive feeling I get from running." Now there is a man who loves to run. Below is a link to an excellent recent interview with Frank.


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