Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Cerutty Quotes

"It cannot be over-stressed,for survival--intelligent survival and longevity,there must be some return by man to the natural enviroment,the elements,in a word,the simple life of the country or the seashore." Herb Elliott once said that the ideal life for an athlete is one of simplicity. How true that is. Too many activities,committments and striving for more "things" will eventually become the determining factors as to how you live your life. If you can't put yourself in the enviroment that Cerutty describes in the opening quote then you should make a point of regularly training in the ones he mentions above.

"Fitness,above all,pays dividends as no other investment can." The only thing better than being fit is being optimally fit,ready to race fit.I see people walking down the beach at about a 15 to 20 minute per mile pace and wish I could tell them that if they really want to get fit they have to do more than what they are doing. Sure, it's better than sitting in front of the TV eating Doritos but they've bought into the lie that sauntering down the street for X amount of minutes is a way to physical health. Getting fit takes work,sweat and dedication. The dividends paid out are both mental and physical. Those of us who live for the run know this only to well. Ideally,we should become an example to family and friends of what a healthy lifestyle can bring.

"Living is not only getting and gaining but doing." I think I've cited this quote previously but for obvious reasons it's a good one. Not only is living vicariously through the lives of million dollar pro athletes a waste of time but it can detract the spectator from actually being a particpant in sport.

In closing--Live life vigorously!

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